Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Do you have a tankless water heater in your home? Are you looking for a good electric tankless water heater to buy? Then, this article might be of some help to you. The electric tankless water heaters are also called by various names. They are, demand water heaters or instantaneous water heaters. If you are continuing with the traditional types of water heaters then you should be experiencing the cost incurred by their standby power loss.
Consider, you are going somewhere for your vacation. Will you leave the house with your pellet stoves on? Do you want the home to get heat unnecessarily? In a similar way, tankless water heaters are only used if there is need for warm water. The specialty of tankless water heater is that they don’t have a storage tank. There is tap provided, turning on of which will give you the hot water. The standby energy loss that happens with storage tank water heaters do not occur here. The water comes to the tap through a pipe unit. There is a heater element that is attached with the gas burner and this heats the water. This is the case of gas fired water heaters. The water flow is continuous and you are not in a need to wait for sometime. This is an advantage of the tankless water heater over the storage type. The rate of hot water supply ranges between two to five gallons or 7.5 to 15.3 liters/min. the flow rate of gas fired heaters are higher than the electric tankless water heaters.
There are various sizes of tank heaters available in the market. You should be sure of the uses and benefits of the type that you are going to buy. There are some small heaters that are not capable of providing continuous supply of water for bathing, washing etc. You can avoid this by using a number of heaters in parallel or by installing a whole home water heater system. They serve for many purposes. They can be used for outdoor sink. They are used for pool shower or bathrooms. They help in avoiding the long pipes that run all way round your house. Electric tankless water heaters save energy 35% more efficiently than the ordinary water heaters. They are even suitable for homes that use a large quantity of water daily. Before the buy, you must first decide about the fuel used, size, s\application and demand of the water heater. The electrical demand of the electric tankless water heaters are voltage, circuit breaker and the amperage. The voltage units vary as 110V, 220V etc. There are varied needs in amperage. Before buying you must make sure that you will meet the expectations of the heater systems. The circuit that you have must support the electric tankless water heater. They sometime may have their own circuit. It is a good ploy to have a consultation with a licensed and qualified electrician before you go for the electric tankless water heaters buy.

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