Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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Looking for an awesome Vacuum cleaner for pet hair? I know one exactly for you – Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum (only $359.00 at Amazon). Looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner? Looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner? Let’s see:
Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
This cordless stick vacuum cleaner is perfect to get rid of pet hair from carpet too. You can also vacuum your couch or car with this vacuum cleaner. Also, charged it could stay at least 20 minutes at full power. Also, perfect for hard floors. Looking for a small vacuum cleaner for corners?1. 10 pounds – around 4.5 KG. Easy to handle. Lightweight!
2. Cordless machine – no need to worry about changing outlets (outlets in general).
3. Picks up dog hair & more – includes a mini motorized tool to remove pet hair.
4. Great suction – this device was design for high/higher suction jobs (it will remove mostly anything). It has 2 speeds (for smaller jobs, yet bigger jobs).
5. Good for – dirt, pet hair, dust bunnies, fine particles (hair, dust, litter, etc), crumbs, dust, feathers (especially when you have birds),
6. Perfect for corners + tight spots – you can clean corners and tight spots with this animal mostly because of the flexible design. I love this mostly because my cats tend to let a lot of hair around corners and tight spots around the house. Works for under cabinets, around tables, around kitchen chairs and more.
7. Perfect for stairs – why? Mostly because there is no cord to worry about and this device is lightweight (only 10 pounds – so easy to handle and move with).
8. Cleans these – hardwood floors, stairs (perfect for stairs mostly because it’s cordless), wood, surfaced floors, rugs, vinyl floors, tile.
9. Battery lasts – you have plenty of time to clean even a big house. Also, you have a LED indicator that shows you when the battery has less than a minute until it stops/gets empty. You can even remove/replace the battery!
10. Bagless – no need to worry about changing bags + filters. NO extra cost for you. How cool is that, really?
11. Kinda quiet – so you won’t scare your kids, cats, dogs, etc. I mean, as quiet it can be!
12. Lots of attachments – yep, lots of attachments (some even for pet hair removal and others for other things). Includes attachments for: walls (high up, ceiling), corners (room corners), edges.
13. Works for higher ceiling – the wand can reach high so you can actually clean higher ceiling.
14. Easy to push around – lightweight and easy to push around.
15. 2 years warranty – has 2 years warranty.
16. Made in USA – perfect!Btw, haven’t seen a HEPA filter included for this one (on Amazon for example).

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