Black Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20V Flex Vacuum Review

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My friend Harry was looking for cordless vacuum cleaner with a strong performance of battery. After extensive research over the internet and sharing views with friends, he came across the Platinum Flex BDH2000 FL cordless vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker. He finally found his dream machine that changed his cleaning sessions from nightmare to absolute bliss! It is not necessary that everyone will have the same experience as Harry, but I would love to share his experience and the greatness of the features of this device through the detailed review of this cleaner.

Platinum Flex BDH2000 FL cordless vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker is a versatile device that maintains a very strong suction and is two times longer than the previous models. This unit features a hose, which is four foot in length and allows users to access the corners of the house which are generally hard to reach.


Design and attachments

Platinum Flex BDH2000 FL cordless vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker consists of a hose that wraps around the unit for providing neat storage facility along with great portability. This device includes a charging base along with charge indicator and tool storage. 4 inches long hose reaches high and tight spaces with ease. Pet hair cleaning tool has been specifically designed to clean very stubborn pet hairs. Other accessories include a crevice tool and a two in one brush tool. Filtration system consists of three layers and the filter is safe to be washed in a dishwasher. The debris collection is easily removable with a simple touch of a button. The dirt collection bowl is transparent and this feature enables the user to know when it is necessary to empty the collected debris. Inclusion of ‘filter refresh knob’ enables the device to flick the debris off the filter and improves the suction power.

Battery efficiency

Being a cordless device, the battery efficiency of Platinum Flex BDH2000 FL cordless vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker is highly important. Battery of the device is made of long life Lithium technology. Battery unit is very compact and light weight as well. It is always ready for use and is capable of holding a charge for the period of 18 months. This particular feature makes the device extraordinary. It is approved by Energy Star and charges only when it is necessary.

Suction power

Platinum Flex BDH2000 FL cordless vacuum cleaners by Black & Decker are equipped with very strong suction and fade free power. Cyclonic as well as triple action filter make the cleaning job really easy. Three stage filtration systems prevent any dust and debris from escaping. Its extraordinary suction power enables the long hose to suck out dirt from the tight and remotest corner of your house.

Pros and cons

No product is absolutely good or absolutely bad. This device too has its pros and cons. Let us have a look at those facts.


  • Running time for each charge is 18 minutes.
  • Tools and attachments are great.
  • Charging stand is very handy.
  • The Lithium ion battery is friendly for partial charging.
  • Dirt chamber is transparent.
  • Device is ergonomically excellent.
  • Made of good quality plastic.
  • Filter is washable.
  • Very light weight (3.8 pounds only).


This device is expensive as compared to other ones available in market. You cannot buy replacement batteries separately.


Black & Decker provides the consumers with a limited warranty for 3 years. If there is any technical fault during this period, the manufacturer may replace the machine, but under the condition that the consumer have not tried to fix the dysfunctions by themselves.


Platinum Flex BDH2000 FL cordless vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker is a light weight device that is easy to work with. It relieves the user from tiredness while doing cleaning. Battery Lithium ion lasts really long and hold on the charge up to the period of 18 months is possibly one of the most striking features. Great suction powers along with attachments which can reach remote and tight corners make this device extremely functional. The price may appear to be slightly high, but having all the wonderful features and great cleaning ability, this extra cost can be overlooked.

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